4. Protospiel Nottingham 2022 and Break My Game Nottingham!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while… I’m delighted to announce that I’m hoping to host Protospiel Nottingham 2022 towards the end of the year. I’ll be posting updates here and on the Twitter page (https://twitter.com/ProtospielNotts) so keep your eyes peeled! I’m also very happy to announce that I have partnered with Break My Game to…

3. Happy Protospiel-iversary!

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since Protospiel Nottingham 2019… What a year it’s been! For obvious reasons, we haven’t had an event in 2020 as planned, but I promise as soon as it’s safe, I’ll be organising Protospiel Nottingham 2021! I can’t wait to see you there! -Chris