Welcome to the new Protospiel Nottingham website!

For last year’s Protospiel, I used the TryBooking landing page as our website. This limited the information a single page, and I was keen to upgrade for 2020. To that end, we now have protospielnottingham.co.uk; here you’ll be able to find out information about the event, and attendees will be able to access the Resources area where the prototype spreadsheet and playtesting guides can be found.


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    Hi Chris,

    Just wanted to add my voice to the rest and say what a great time I had at the first ever Protospiel — not only did I get to sample a great selection of prototypes on the day, but I received some great feedback on my own designs as well. From one designer to another: feedback in whatever form is potentially useful, feedback from fellow game designers especially so. We’re doing something right, I hope, and I for one am looking forward immensely to the next one.

    Alex Bardy (Aliens Ate My Planet! and Agents in Time)

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