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There is no place for prejudice of any kind in tabletop gaming. It is a poison which only serves to damage the hobby that we love.

Harmful views and behaviours will never be welcome at Protospiel Nottingham, nor will those who peddle them.

I am privileged and fortunate to never have experienced the disgusting prejudices that my friends and colleagues have had to endure. I will never fully understand, but I will try my best to learn more and to be a dependable Ally.

To this end, I am taking the following steps to protect attendees at Protospiel Nottingham and to promote diversity within the wider tabletop gaming community:

Revision of Event Terms and Conditions

The Protospiel Nottingham Terms and Conditions are displayed, and must be accepted, when an attendee books tickets for the event. In retrospect, the Conditions pertaining to refusal of entry and ejection from the event were too generic and needed to be strengthened. These updated Conditions are shown below:

  • The Event Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry. Specifically, entry will be refused if the Event Organiser becomes aware of unacceptable behaviour by an Attendee prior to the Event. Unacceptable behaviour includes (but is not limited to) actions and views deemed to be racist, misogynistic, homo- or transphobic and those promoting sexual violence. Harmful views expressed on Social Media are also grounds for refusal of entry.
  • Any persons whose behaviour is deemed unacceptable (see point above) by the Event Organiser will be asked to leave the premises and no refund will be given.

Promotion of BIPOC Creators

At the next Protospiel Nottingham, our keynote speaker will be a tabletop creator who identifies as being part of the BIPOC community. To find our guest, I will ask creators to nominate themselves and the community to recommend their favourite people.

Change to Allocation of Fundraising Profits

All profits from the next Protospiel Nottingham will be divided 50:50 between Nottingham Children’s Hospital and Black Lives Matter.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the above steps, please contact me.

Let’s keep this hobby safe for everybody.

Chris Kingsnorth (Organiser, Protospiel Nottingham)

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