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What Attendees Say About Protospiel Nottingham

Don’t just take it from us; find out from our attendees why Protospiel Nottingham is a great event!


“…Protospiel Nottingham was wonderful occasion to meet fellow designers in a relaxed and cheerful environment. Not only did I get good feedback for my game, but it allowed me to make contact with designers from the region. I foresee it will become an essential pillar of the board game community in the Midlands…”

“…A huge thank you goes out to the organisers, helpers, attendees, my playtesters and those whose games I was able to play. I had a brilliant day and I can’t wait for the next one!..”

“…My partner and I really enjoyed our day at Protospiel. As designers we gained valuable feedback that has impacted our game. And as play testers for others we had a lot of fun. We met some amazing people and overall enjoyed a packed day from 9am till 10pm!..”

“…Just wanted to add my voice to the rest and say what a great time I had at the first ever [UK] Protospiel — not only did I get to sample a great selection of prototypes on the day, but I received some great feedback on my own designs as well. From one designer to another: feedback in whatever form is potentially useful, feedback from fellow game designers especially so. We’re doing something right, I hope, and I for one am looking forward immensely to the next one…”


Rob Sparks (BoardGameBud):

Paul Nugent (Red Rex Games):

Richard Buxton (Birmingham Board Game Designers):

Mark Stockton-Pitt (radical8games):


Alex Bardy writes about the Protospiel Nottingham experience in Issue 8 of The SPIRIT magazine; find out what he thought about the day on pages 19 – 21.


Tom C from the Sheffield Board Games Club talks about his day at Protospiel Nottingham from around 5 minutes into Episode 8: